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Duro-Last is a type of prefabricated roofing system that has been in use for decades. Both commercial and residential buildings have used it and for good reason.
1. Simple installation – Since most of the roof is already constructed before being taken to your property, installing it requires substantially less time than other systems. When you need a replacement fast, Duro-Last is the way to go.
2. Custom construction – There is no one-size-fits-all solution with Duro-Last. You get a roof that was specifically made with your house in mind.
3. Little maintenance – Aside from annual inspections, you will not have to worry about your new roof that often. This is also good for saving on roofing costs in the long term.
4. Weather resistant – Wind and rain is no match for Duro-Last. Even if you live in a part of the country that is prone to intense weather, you will be able to rely on this roofing.
5. Energy efficient – Duro-Last is also great for properly insulating your home. This results in less use of your HVAC systems, reducing energy costs over time.
The Duro-Last system is one of the most sustainable you are going to find. When you need a new roof, make sure you call Kimmons Roofing and Ventilation LLC. at (715) 539-0943.