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The World’s Best Roof

Kimmons Roofing and Ventilation provides Duro-Last

Since 1978, Duro-Last roofing systems have become known as “The World’s Best Roof.” Over thirty years later and more than a billion square feet installed, their unique, single-ply membrane exceeds industry standards for performance and durability. Backed by the industry’s best warranties, it is the premier choice for commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings.

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Kimmons Roofing and Ventilation Duro-Last Prefab
Custom Factory Prefabrication

Each Duro-Last project we install is prefabricated to fit every roof precisely. By performing 80-85% of membrane seaming in a controlled factory environment, on-site work is reduced from the most critical areas of the roof, such as stacks and curb flashings.

Performance & Durability

Many manufacturers promote the idea that “thicker” is better.” However, the truth is that roofing system performance is a balance between film formulation, membrane thickness, and reinforcement. As described in the illustration, Duro-Last material is a) designed with a more substantial top layer as well as b) a weft-inserted scrim layer to provide superior protection and reinforcement. Additionally, c) the membrane material is white from top to bottom increases energy efficiency. Single-ply roofing systems should be chosen by performance rather than membrane thickness alone.

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Kimmons Roofing and Ventilation Dura-Last Cool Zone

What does it mean for a roofing system to be “sustainable?” It means the material, performance, and production of the components are environmentally-concious and energy efficient. In turn, these benefits prevent costly repairs. Not only does the Duro-Last CoolZone® roofing system reflect unwanted heat, it’s closed-loop manufacturing process recycles production scrap and reduces waste. Learn about the five E’s of high peformance roofing

Duro-Last® Metal Retrofit

Loose seams, cracks, leaking, and ice build-up are a few ways metal roofs can start racking up maintenance costs. Wouldn’t it be great if, instead of costly repairs or entire roof replacements, a new roofing system could be installed right over top the old one? Custom-fabricated from the factory, the Duro-Shield Metal Retrofit is the cost-effective solution to your worn-out metal roof.

Kimmons Roofing and Ventilation Duro-Shield
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